For any business, sales of products or services are the primary objective. And promotions for such deals are crucial for sustaining and succeeding in any industry. With most of the businesses now transformed from brick and mortar to digital, it has become essential for promotional bulk SMS to reach people instantly to boost the sales of products and services. It is now one of the critical marketing strategies followed by businesses worldwide from conglomerates to local small companies. Tawaab SMS Service provides profound promotional bulk SMS services to all clients at affordable costs.

Unlike transactional SMS, which is only for informational purposes and not for marketing, the sole promotional purpose of promotional bulk SMS is to market products and services. It may be in the form of offers, discounts, promotions, and others in detail to lure the customers into taking a call of action. All existing customers or new potential customers can receive these promotional messages. But the promotional messages may or may not be solicited by the recipients.

Tawaab SMS Services uses the latest technologies for providing many new and innovative promotional techniques available to its customers. With such unique and personalized promotional SMS, the customers can reach their targeted revenue as fast as possible. It gives a flexible platform for all customers in many sectors like e-commerce, banking, education, healthcare, logistics, and many more.
The mass marketing campaign for a mammoth target population is easily possible with Tawaab promotional bulk SMS services. It helps the existing target audience of the customers to be in constant contact with them for improving sales and future development. Any new product launch, or offer or discount, or coupons and many such lucrative approaches can lure the existing and new target audience to utilize the customer’s service and buy their products.

Since promotional bulk SMS reaches a massive target audience instantly, they are much cheaper than the TV, newspaper, and other advertisements now. Moreover, with most of the people now have their smartphones in their hands; it is easy and fast to take a call of action immediately. Quicker SMS service offers promotional bulk SMS services only at affordable costs with fast reach to a massive target audience. But it never compromises in quality for competitive pricing but only increases their innovative promotional approach for customers to benefit more.


Promotional SMS Services provides innovative promotional bulk SMS content that is cost-effective, assured deliverability, and also with convenient techniques to enhance the target audience to take action immediately. With maximum view rates than any other form of advertising, these bulk SMS is now a boon to e-commerce which is fast overtaking the retail business industry. It provides many types of promotional bulk SMS to any new product or service launches, offers, discounts, and others in many kinds including

  • Long code

  • Audio & video short URL

  • Web short URL

  • Missed call service

Promotional bulk SMS engages vast target audience in the best way possible to keep them in constant bonding with customers and their business operations. Also, Quickrs SMS Service could create effective brand loyalty, product marketing, and event publicity. It is feasible for any business to drive traffic to stores or conversions for increasing sales. Moreover, it could increase the number of attendees to events, coupons redemption, and customer databases to enhance all types of businesses.

Quickrs bulk SMS service adds value to the customers’ businesses. Apart from the general bulk services like URLs and others, they provide personalized bulk SMS services like

  • Unicode SMS

  • File SMS

  • SMS templates

  • Regional language SMS

  • Multiple options of integration to third party APIs

  • CRM or consumer relations marketing

  • Instantaneous Excel plug-ins

  • Extractable reports & Analytics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis


Quickrs SMS services are a leading promotional bulk SMS service provider available on both websites and mobile apps. They provide profound promotional bulk SMS to be successful in this cut-throat competitive digital business world. Most of the customers using promotional bulk SMS end up with increasing their ROI in their businesses due to their many advantages including:

  • High delivery rates irrespective of any enormous quantity of bulk SMS

  • Distribution of promotional SMS with a random 6-digit Sender ID that is assigned by the telecom operator

  • Cost-effective promotional bulks SMS without compromise in quality for outstanding results

  • Group messaging possible with authentic delivery report

  • User-friendly SMS portal with instant activation

  • Enables to send profound promotional bulk SMS with brand and company name

  • Availability of dynamic numeric sender Id and data

  • Options of high and standard SMS gateway

  • Automatically assigned to all customers with zero set up costs

  • Reduced delivery to non-DND numbers and opt-in numbers, and in case of such rare deliveries, quickly give back DND refund amount

Quickrs SMS services bulk services are a boon to any business to develop their sales of products and services at affordable prices. Avail personalized promotional bulk SMS services for outstanding results to boost enterprises to new levels by overcoming the competition and be successful with permanent bonding with the target audience for better ROI today, tomorrow and always.