Transactional SMS

Gone are the days of going to banks to check the balance in the accounts. And in today’s world where time is money, there is no even the need to log in to bank accounts and find the balance or for details on any particular transaction. In addition, there is no need to worry about knowing whether registrations are complete and successful with any organization or your payment to them have been received.

All thanks to transactional SMS, the above tasks and many more such crucial and complex tasks are all made easy by transactional SMS. Information regarding these tasks lands upright in your hand in the form of alerts at lightning speed only because of transactional SMS.

Tawaab SMS Service is one place for availing all such bulk SMS at affordable costs. But the competitive prices do not make any compromise in the quality of the transactional bulk SMS service. Another significant advantage of transactional SMS is the OTPs or one-time passwords. It is one of the safety measures for not only banks but for many purposes to increase the security of various types of transactions.

It has reduced the number of frauds in financial and other operations, which are now only possible with the OTP alerts coming to mobile phones. And only with the help of such OTPs, it is possible to conclude the transactions successfully. Hence,it improves the security of transactions and the service of organizations to clients to gain their trust for future development.


Quickr SMS Services supports a lot of such organizations with incredible transactional bulk SMS in a practical and timely way. If you are in any of the following industries, Quickr SMS Service provides profound transactional bulk SMS services.

Banks and other financial institutions are the primary beneficiaries of transactional bulk SMS services. Even when the credit or debit card is misplaced, the customer does not have to worry about misuse of the cards as with OTPs, which could be received only with the registered mobile numbers there could not be any illegal transactions. And Quickrs SMS Services even for the purchase of any value is possible only with OTPs. 

Students need not wait anymore indefinitely or rush to institutions to check their results or updates of exams and other details. With Quickrs SMS service, all bulk transactional SMS are sent in time to students to reduce their anxiety, time, and money. There are also other timely notifications on various educational details that are crucial for students and that too in far off rural places to receive SMS in time to take necessary actions.

One of the novel benefits of transactional bulk SMS is in the healthcare industry. Patients are duly informed of their appointments with doctors to save their lives. Also, about their preventive check-ups, vaccinations, and other such health-related issues in a timely manner. Quickrs bulk SMS provides all health alerts with clinical precision for their health sector customers.

With e-commerce overtaking retail businesses with more than 75:25 ratios, the role of transactional bulk SMS in e-commerce companies is on a steady rise. Quickrs SMS Service updates the clients about the dates and other details that are not promotional of products and services. It helps increase the sales of customers by directly informing them of all such information to reach them immediately like that of a call of action.

The hospitality sector, including food distribution, is where transactional SMS plays a vital role. Informing clients of upcoming events, travel deals, flight delays, visa information, food delivery timings, delays, and many more are possible with Quickrs SMS Services.

Many insurance companies and other such related industries use Quicker transactional bulk SMS for alerting their customers to pay for the medical claim and other insurance policies. It helps not only the insurance companies but also the clients not to let their policies expire without payment.

The automobile sales and service sector is another beneficiary of transactional bulk SMS. The clients get informed of any new arrivals and also about the service dates that they mostly forget in the busy schedule. Quickrs SMS Service provides such transactions bulk SMS in a profound way.

Nowadays, people can keep track of their parcels by requesting SMS of its locations at any point in time from dispatch to delivery. It enhances the logistics industry to serve their clients better and in a transparent way  to help the automobile sector clients and their customers..


Clients can avail Quickrs transactional bulk SMS service 24 x 7 by creating an account with us by calling us or clicking our site without any costs for setups to avail the following features:

  • Enables verification of the sent SMS by checking the confirmation of all sent SMS in the delivery report

  • SMS can be transmitted even to DND numbers also as it is only informative and not promoting anything

  • SMS can be sent anytime without any time restrictions

  • Fast template-based approving and delivery only to registered users

  • Assigning a 6-alpha character Sender ID of the customers’ choice which could correspond to their business or product name

  • Can customize details of SMS with the precise amount, time, and other details

  • Offers free integration of SMS with API in the software and to pay only for the credits

  • Support many regional languages apart from English

  • Options for high priority SMS and standard SMS available

  • Transparent payments with customers paying only for the SMS they buy

To avail all the above features of Quickrs SMS Service for any of the above sectors or others, clients have to follow the following simple three steps:

  • 1. Register with Quickrs for business or service for personal sender id with is a 6- alpha character which can relate to your company or product or service

  • 2. Select in the organizational login board, the right transactional bulk SMS service as per the frequency, duration, and cost

  • 3. The customers can sync or generate the contact list to all those they want to send the SMS and pay the amount.

Bingo, the transactional bulk SMS, starts reaching all those in the list with lightning speed. The OTP alerts inform about the details instantly. With SMS instantly reaching all the target audience in no time, there is every possibility of the dates and other non-promotional details of any product launch or offer or discount to be known to the audience for them to take a call of action immediately.