Voice OTP

Global Voice OTP Service Platform

What is Voice OTP 2FA Service?

A Voice OTP Service generates and sends a set of characters or numbers to the mobile device of the user to verify a transaction or login session.

Voice OTP is used by businesses as a means of verifying a user’s identity by making a call to the mobile/phone and playing a string of digits. The 2FA service is built on a world-class voice platform providing reliable voice delivery around the world.


One-time passwords (OTP) are typically generated by secure systems and sent to users via SMS, email, or through voice calls to ensure secure authentication for various online services. They are usually short, typically 4 to 6 digits, and are valid for a limited time to enhance security.

If you need an OTP for a specific service, I recommend contacting the respective service provider or following their instructions to obtain a valid OTP. Remember to always keep your OTPs and personal information secure and not share them with anyone you don’t trust.

A comprehensive solution for 2FA

99.9% times your OTP will be delivered. For the remaining 0.1% times, We will not charge.

Pin Generation

Our platform provides the back-end logic needed for PIN generation (OTP) so you don’t have to. Each code is tied to an individual user and can only be used once.

Number Lookup

Save money and increase conversion rates with our number validation. We’re able to catch invalid numbers as they’re entered, making sure your message is headed to a valid number.

Voice Failover

Voice-based 2FA adds text-to-speech capability to the standard 2FA process, enabling you to place calls and deliver user authentication PINs via voice audio. By adding Voice failover message delivery rates can be pushed close to 100 percent.

Global Coverage

Deliver your authentication PINs to users regardless of their location. With Quickr SMS Services global coverage spanning 800 networks and 190 countries, you can deliver your one-time PINs with best delivery rates and speed available on the market.

Getting Started with Voice OTP

Voice-based OTP is a two factor authentication tool that allows businesses to facilitate call based OTP generation for its potential customers. This quick and reliable notification solution ensures guaranteed delivery of time-sensitive information on consumer’s mobile; like one time passwords, utility passwords, transactions alerts, employee activity alerts, and others.